Who Are We?

ULTRASUEDE PRODUCTIONS formed in 2009 on the heel of the founders’ honeymoon. The future was ahead of them and they knew just what to do with it. Use whatever time, energy, and money they had to tell stories. Stories to teach, stories to help, stories to entertain.

FIRST FORMING in Altamonte Springs, FL to perform at the Orlando International Fringe Festival (America’s First Fringe Festival) before relocating to Lodi, Ca. At that time the theatre took a seven year hiatus as its founders focused on honing their individual skills in acting, directing, writing, and theatre management. Since returning, Ultrasuede has maintained the goal of 2-3 original shows per year, in the hopes of increasing that in the future.

ULTRASUEDE PRODUCTIONS strives to tell interesting, thought provoking, heartfelt stories in an easily accessible way. Firmly believing in the Fringe Festival model of “No Risk, No Art”,  Ultrasuede puts forth original and unique work.

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